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doorsectrainingLeaders in training Doorsec is committed to delivering the highest quality security and front-of-house services in the industry. To achieve this, we offer you training that consistently exceeds industry standards. The result is a team of attentive, high quality, fully-skilled security staff that deliver consistently excellent service to your business.

This includes professional Management Development programmes accredited to The Institute of Leadership and Management.

Doorsec Development & Learning realise that the workforce is a valuable asset if not the most valuable that the company can have. Its ethos is based on the belief that if a company continually develops, trains, motivates, coaches and empowers individuals their performance, commitment and job satisfaction will improve.

Where possible, Doorsec development & Learning meet with a client representative to obtain first hand experience of current behaviours and the working environment. This ensures that any training is designed to fit in with the overall objectives. The following process is implemented:

  1. Training Needs Analysis
  2. Design of Solution
  3. Delivery
  4. Evaluation

image2After each training programme delivery, candidates are requested to complete an evaluation from recording their level of satisfaction and general feedback comments. Follow-up "on the job" evaluation is carried out to ensure the individuals are applying their new skills back in the workplace.

Doorsec Development & Learning have been acknowledged as showing innovation in flexibility and course design and our selected trainers have the ability to maximised the potential of candidates through their professionalism. We always endeavour to ensure we offer a flexible solution to clients and take into consideration various factors including:

  1. Candidate Suitability
  2. Cultural Issues
  3. Learning Styles
  4. Business Needs

Doorsec Development & learning will provide a planned and consistent approach to the delivery of training and ensure that any follow up training which is vital to the ongoing support and Doorsec retention of employees will be brought to the attention of the client to ensure any needs are addressed where required.

The training arm of Doorsec Services, Doorsec Development & learning, brings with it a wealth of not only training experience but practical experience as well.


All the trainers have worked in the areas in which they train, thus understanding the practical aspects as well as the theory. The training team is lead by qualified trainer, who ensures that all the trainers undertake Continued Professional Development not only in their field of experience but also in their training skills.



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